Team headshots server and important roll in small business groups. It allows for a personal touch for customers to connect with as well and builds camaraderie amongst the staff. Likewise group shots give off a projection of the team dynamic and how different aspects of a business interact as a whole to serve the publics needs.

A challenge with the group shot however is the constantly evolving day to day needs of the staff. Especially with large businesses it’s frequent that someone is either onboarding or departing for another opportunity. An easy solution to an ever changing staff (or even one that only changes periodically) is a composite headshots session that can easily be assembled into a group once completed.

My personal choice is to shoot on neutral backdrops as oppose to the frequent green screen method. This allows for a wider variety of wardrobe choices for the client and lessons the chance of color bleed coming off of the background. Nothing worse then a client beautiful flowing blonde hair with a nice tinge of green hallo all the way around it!

I shoot a variety of poses from multiple directions so that there are options for the final assembly. That way if someone does leave the group I can either minimize the group as a whole, or replace with a new hire. I can also shuffle the order so height, roles and other factors appear natural and patterns such as hand placement and stances don’t repeat too much.

The examples with this post are for Budget Printing here in Tallahassee. A great small business staffed by long time employees but who were looking for a freshened up team dynamic, While their shots are all 2/3rds photo based, clients can always opt to crop in tighter or show full subject from head to toe!

We shot at their location utilizing multiple lights and reflectors and in the future we can either return to their location for updates or the can send new clients to my studio to be full photographed and then placed in the group composite.

The video below showcases a time-lapse of the cut out and assembly process of the final group shot featured above!

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