artistis portraitI went to college at the University of North Florida and attained a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in Graphic design. Theres was an introduction to photography but it was many years before I would consider it anything more than a hobby. This despite my favorite professors attempts at steering me fully in that direction.

In 2004 I went to work for Disney and was (deep breath): A Lifeguard, “astro attendant” at Star Tours, Parade Puppeteer (Angel, Bird, Disc) at Tapestry of Dreams, Lifeguard, LG Coordinator, LG manager, Training Coordinator at 12 different hotels, “Castaway” on their private island in the Bahamas, Online Training IT fixer guy and Boat captain and Manager (600 passenger ferry boats! yeah, buddy!). It was great fun but upward movement was cut throat and I was a little tired of the run around by upper management.

So after 8 years of full time Magic Work, all while snapping pics for fun, I decided to return home with my wife Lydia and open up my own studio at the FJ Black Business center!

I joined my local guild (Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild or TPPG) as well as FPP and PPA. Started competing on a local to national level and even took home a couple top prizes! My images can be seen both in print and digital format over a wide range of subject matter.

I think variety is key when working in an artistic realm. I always strive for newness and am always looking around the corner for what’s next. If your looking for rich and dynamic imagery from a photographer who is quick in turn around and easy to work with I would love to hear from you!